What will become of our wallet?

New payment methods are transforming our understanding of money and spending it. Cash payments are increasingly rare, and we may not even need to keep an eye on our bank account balance as payments are cleared from the account automatically.

In the midst of change, we need to make sure that our perception of money is not obscured. At worst, indebtedness coupled with a lack of understanding about spending leads to situations with no easy way out.


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We invited a group of experts to discuss the reasons behind the developments in the over-indebtedness of Finns and the future changes in payment. Together, we wanted to find the difficult points for development and seek solutions to prevent problems.

This publication is a collection of the views of the experts who took part in our discussion on debt, spending and changes in payment. I hope that these writings will trigger an open and active discussion on preventing the indebtedness of Finns. Let’s dismantle the shame around debt and focus on solutions – together!

Kari Ahlström, Managing Director

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