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There is no need to feel worried or ashamed if you receive a payment reminder or a demand for payment. At OK Perintä we are normal people and we want to help our customers settle their debts as soon as possible.

As our customer, you are entitled to various services that make it easy and flexible to do business with us. What’s more, you can discuss your situation with us on the phone, by email, using the chat function or even on Facebook.

Did you receive a letter from us? Select a suitable service below.

Noudatamme viranomaisten ohjeita etätyöskentelyn järjestämisestä. Asiakaspalvelumme toimii normaalisti Oma OK -verkkopalvelussa, puhelimessa, sähköpostissa ja chatissa. Olethan aina yhteydessä, jos tilanteesi on vaikea.

Would you prefer to do things online? You can pay off your debt easily and safely, check your balance, move the due date or create a payment plan.

Do you need more time to pay? Propose a new due date for the payment of your debt.

Would you like to pay in instalments? Create a payment plan suitable to your situation.

Do you need help? Call, email us or chat with us. You can also ask us to call you back.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about debt collection.

Hyödyllistä tietoa niin palveluistamme, erilaisista perintään liittyvistä käytännön asioista kuin oman talouden hallinnasta.


Our blog covers a multitude of subjects, from topical news to customer stories and our employees’ experiences of working in a contemporary debt collection agency.