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OK Monitoring is a credit rating monitoring service, which supports you in credit control. In most cases, the service will issue a warning regarding high-risk companies even before the first bad credit record.

OK Monitoring keeps a track on your existing customers for you, reducing the risk of credit losses. OK Monitoring is an excellent choice, for example, if you sell your receivables on an ongoing basis, because you don’t have to waste any time on credit control.


What information does OK Monitoring review?

OK Monitoring reviews changes in the credit rating and financial situation of customers and other partners in real time. OK Monitoring reports potential changes in the monitored companies’ information on a daily basis.

Information to monitor includes:

  • Rating changes
  • Name changes
  • Mergers
  • New cases of bad credit or other public entries
  • Bankruptcy petitions and information pertaining to the stages of the bankruptcy process



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How can I activate the OK Monitoring service?

Activating the service is easy. In practice, all you need to do is provide us with the Business IDs of the companies you want us to monitor.

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