Collection is not what it used to be

Did you know that more than half of Finns feel ashamed to receive a collection letter? And it is now down to the whole collection industry to openly demonstrate that debt collection is no longer based on threats and intimidation. We want to be a shining example of this. For us, your customers are precisely that: customers. We will do our best to help them get on with their lives.

The role of collection has also changed as companies have taken a closer look at its impact on business. In addition to cash flow, the tailored solutions we offer to our customers have had a positive impact on our clients’ customer experience.

Noudatamme viranomaisten ohjeita etätyöskentelyn järjestämisestä. Asiakaspalvelumme toimii normaalisti Oma OK -verkkopalvelussa, puhelimessa, sähköpostissa ja chatissa. Olethan aina yhteydessä, jos tilanteesi on vaikea.

Our wide range of services also includes credit rating services and the purchase of outstanding debts.

Let’s update your company’s collection process to the modern age.

An easy way to submit invoices for collection – why not do this right away?



We want to provide all parties with the best possible service and ensure that our operations are in line with the principles of our new collection method on practical terms, too. That’s why we collect feedback from both our clients and their customers whom we have helped settle their debts.


“Reminder service has improved the payment of open invoices and thereby accelerated our cash flow.”

Mervi Pohto, Securitas

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