Impostor scam phone calls have been made in OK Perintä’s name. We remind you that we never call from an unknown number. If you receive a suspicious call, you can check the matter in our online service,, or call our customer service: 030 10 5620. If you have paid the scammer or given out your personal details, report it to the police immediately.


OK Perintä has been part of Norwegian B2Holding ASA concern since 2012

B2Holding is a leading pan-European debt specialist

B2Holding ASA is a debt solutions provider specialized in investing in, and the recovery of, non-performing debt portfolios in addition to providing third-party debt collection services.

Since starting activities at the end of 2011, the B2Holding Group has grown rapidly and established itself as a leading pan-European debt purchaser and a solution-oriented partner.

The Group has full operations in 22 European countries and offices in one additional country, including the head office located in Oslo. B2Holding Group has around 2300 employees throughout Europe

B2Holding has a stated strategy for further growth in selected markets through its own investments and increased servicing revenues through co-funding structures.

B2 Holding

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