Sell your overdue invoices to us

Selling invoices is a straightforward way to receive a secure and rapid return on receivables when payment is late and it is uncertain whether the customer will pay at all. Sell your invoices to us if you want to turn your overdue receivables into money right away and leave your customers in good hands.

Selling invoices is often an easier option than debt collection

OK Perintä specialises in buying overdue receivables, and we have decades of experience in buying receivables in different industries.

In practice, when we buy receivables, we make a one-off purchase of a large number of consumer receivables at any stage of the debt lifecycle. Another way of selling invoices is to use an ongoing sales model in which we buy receivables at specific times based on an agreement. We do not buy individual invoices or small amounts of receivables.

The receivables must be:

  • overdue and undisputed
  • valid (not expired)
  • assignments in which the customer is a consumer

Concentrate on your core business

Managing overdue receivables in-house can eat up a lot of staff resources. It can be labour-intensive and expensive, and there are no guarantees of receiving payments. If you sell your receivables, tasks like monitoring the due dates of invoices and sending reminders can be outsourced to a reliable, professional debt collection agency.

Selling your invoices is an opportunity for you to free up assets and human resources for your core business. Sell us your invoices if you would prefer to concentrate on what matters.

Selling your invoices makes your business more predictable

By selling your invoices, you can convert overdue receivables into cash straight away and free up your resources. But these are not the only benefits. By selling your invoices, you can improve the predictability of your cash flow and save on administrative costs. As selling your invoices to OK Perintä will make us the new owners of the receivables, the sale is also a good way of reducing the amount of potential credit losses.

With ongoing sales, you will know how much your credit losses are at the time of sale, as you will have an agreement stating the price your company will be paid for the receivables sent to debt collection.

It can also be beneficial for your accounting because it enables trade receivables to be converted into cash before you need to finalise your financial statements.

Sell your invoices to us to ensure good customer satisfaction

One consideration when selling your overdue receivables is that you still want to make a good impression on your customer, even if a different entity collects the debt. When we collect the receivables we have purchased, we take the customer’s financial position into account in everything we do and provide the customer with the opportunity to agree on how to settle the payment.

We treat all customers as individuals, and we comply with good debt collection practices in all our operations. Our skilled and experienced employees ensure that your customers get the best possible experience when they are late with their payments.

Interested? Get in touch!

Sell your invoices to us if you want to leave your customers in good hands.

Interested? Get in touch!

Sell your invoices to us if you want to leave your customers in good hands.

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