Corporate credit ratings

Our credit information services can help you to make better decisions and avoid credit losses. You can order reports on individual companies or monitor several companies continuously.

High-quality, up-to-date credit information from a familiar partner

We provide a modern corporate credit rating service that is effortless to use. It enables you to make good credit decisions based on a real-time evaluation of the company’s solvency.

  • High-quality credit decisions – Credit decisions based on reliable, real-time data reduce the risk of credit losses and increase sales
  • Simplicity – You will gain access to the credit rating services without needing to rely on third-party services
  • Automatic monitoring – You no longer need to monitor your existing customers on a case-by-case basis: monitoring is automatic

Check and monitor a company’s credit rating and solvency

We offer the following services for monitoring corporate credit information:

  • One-off credit rating search (REST interface): the service enables you to quickly search for an individual company’s credit rating, for example, if you have a new customer
  • Monitoring a credit rating (REST interface): the service enables you to monitor changes in the credit ratings of your existing customers and use this information to direct additional sales and manage your receivables in the desired way
  • Credit rating reports (OK Online): you can retrieve corporate credit rating reports in PDF format from Suomen Asiakastieto directly in the OK Online service

How to deploy credit rating services

One-off credit rating search:

  • Sign in to OK Online
  • Search for a company by name or Business ID
  • Select the scope of the credit rating report from the options available

Register for the OK Online service and search for a credit rating

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Monitoring credit information:

You need an interface connection to your backend system in order to monitor credit information and conduct one-off searches. The technical documentation and descriptions of the interface are available here:

The deployment of the service must always be agreed upon separately with OK Perintä.

Interested? Get in touch!

Our experts can help you get the most out of OK Perintä’s products and services.

Interested? Get in touch!

Our experts can help you get the most out of OK Perintä’s products and services.

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