OK Perintä is a customer-oriented pioneer of payment reminder and debt collection services in Finland. We help companies recover overdue receivables effectively and without compromising on quality.

Questioning established practices in the debt collection sector

OK Perintä was established in 1991, just when Finland was plunged into recession. Our founders, Kennet Kronman and Kaj Ollila, came to the sector from the banking world when effective and even aggressive debt collection was valued. This is a continuing influence on the sector’s reputation.

OK Perintä’s approach differentiated it from the competition, especially its phone collection service – OK Perintä called customers directly. This was more effective than sending letters, as it was possible to make an agreement on the repayment of the debt with the customer directly.


There is always a solution

We have continued to expand on our successful interpersonal approach, as we know that by reaching agreements and activating customers, receivables are paid at a good rate.

Phone collection has been expanded to incorporate advance calls, where efforts are made to handle the debt before an actual debt collection process begins. In addition, we have developed our digital services to make them as flexible and easy to use as possible for clients and customers alike. All of our work aims towards receiving payments for debts.

A reputable and reliable employer

We started out as a few people in a small office, and we are now a specialist in debt collection with a human touch and service in three locations. We employ a total of nearly 150 people in Vaasa, Tampere and Helsinki. Challenging the operating practices in the sector, open discussion and long-term work to build an entirely new kind of debt collection agency have made us a reputable and respected employer.

OK Perintä is no longer in private ownership: we are part of the international B2 Impact Group, which provides us with support, professional expertise and advice, especially as we further improve our digital services.

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