Repossession, liquidation and enforcement applications

OK Perintä is the market leader in repossession services and enforcement application management in Finland. Our repossession team has extensive experience in collecting debts on hire-purchase financing, as well as comprehensive Nordic networks of contacts.

Finland’s most effective repossession service and liquidation for companies

Our repossession team has decades of experience in the field, as well as comprehensive networks of contacts.
Thanks to our professional expertise, we are able to offer your company the most effective repossession service in Finland.

Customer outreach

Our first objective is always to get the customer to pay the overdue receivables. In almost half of all cases, we are able to reach an agreement with the customer, and the case is resolved without confiscating any property. Often, we can also reach a mutual understanding on the voluntary relinquishment of property.

Searching for and retrieving moveable property

If our attempts to contact the customer do not result in payment and the only option is to retrieve moveable property, we use the repossession team’s network of contacts and specialist professional expertise to locate the property.

In most cases, the property is recovered from within the EU. However, depending on the type and value of the property, it may be necessary to look for it elsewhere in Europe. Once the property is located, it is brought back to Finland and handed over to the client as agreed.

If necessary, we ask the authorities for executive assistance in recovering property. The repossession team is responsible for delivering the located property to the client.

Enforcement application and enforcement in accordance with the Hire-Purchase Transactions Act

We can prepare an enforcement application on your behalf for submission to the National Enforcement Authority Finland for the payment of a settlement in accordance with the Hire-Purchase Transactions Act. We look after your company’s interest in enforcement actions in accordance with the Hire-Purchase Transactions Act, and we issue valuations of moveable property to the district bailiff.

Collection of enforcement protocols

If any of the receivable remains outstanding after a settlement in accordance with the Hire-Purchase Transactions Act, we will retain the enforcement protocols, and we may transfer the matter to voluntary debt collection. If this does not yield a result, we will continue the debt collection process according to the client’s choice via legal debt collection.

Submission of materials and reports

Monitor the status of assignments in OK Online

OK Online is an online service built for clients. It enables companies using OK Perintä’s invoicing, debt collection and repossession services to monitor the status of receivables, download reports and communicate with OK Perintä’s customer service team. The service is developed and maintained by OK Perintä in-house, and it is free of charge for all our customers.

You can also submit materials to us digitally

OK Perintä offers clients a wide range of options for transferring information about assignments directly to OK Perintä’s backend system.

Material can be transferred to us via a REST interface (recommended) or uploaded as files (SFTP). We can provide full interface descriptions and sample material for the implementation of data transfer.

Interested? Get in touch!

Our experts can help you get the most out of OK Perintä’s products and services.

Interested? Get in touch!

Our experts can help you get the most out of OK Perintä’s products and services.

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