Fake text messages posing as OK Perintä have been sent to our customers. These messages are very similar to ones we normally send. If you are unsure about a message you’ve received, please contact our customer service: 030 10 5620. You can also view all your debts and bills in My OK service.

Come and work for a responsible debt collection agency

By operating responsibly, we aim to be a role model for the entire debt collection sector. Everything we do is based on a human touch, responsibility and job satisfaction.

OK Perintä’s career site

Careers.okperinta.fi website provides information about us as an employer:

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OK Perintä

We are a group of 150 debt collection professionals in Helsinki, Tampere and Vaasa, and we are part of the Norwegian company B2Holding. We aim to be a role model for the debt collection sector by operating responsibly towards our personnel, customers and stakeholders. You can count on our OK team to help, encourage and inspire you in your work.

OK Perintä’s career site


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