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We promise that we will always help you to arrange payments and create the necessary flexibility. We believe that there is always a solution that allows us to move forward with our lives. High-quality debt collection with a human touch is a matter of pride for us

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In My OK service you can begin servicing your debt easily and securely. The service supports online payments as well as mobile devices.


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Sign in to the My OK service using the details in the letter, and you can begin servicing your debt easily and securely.

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Frequently asked questions

If we have already filed an application for summons and the district court has commenced proceedings, the options available to you will be decided on a case-by-case basis. If you still have the possibility to repay the debt in full or even in part, please contact us as a matter of urgency. This way, we can decide together what our options are in this case.

We understand that it’s not always possible to pay the invoice we sent you in one go. You can make a payment plan that suits you best in the My OK service. You can find your My OK credentials in the letter we sent you. In some cases, it is not possible to create a payment plan directly via the online service. Our customer service is happy to give you more information.

The price of a payment plan is €20.00–50.00, depending on the amount of debt and the number of instalments. An exception to this are directly distrainable receivables, because for them, the price of the payment plan service is always €20.00, regardless of the amount of the debt. It is also worth considering that expenses and the interest on arrears, which are calculated until the entire debt has been paid off, increase the debt and have an impact on the number of instalments and their amounts. In practice, the sooner the whole sum is paid off, the lower the expenses and interest.

If you repay your debt in full, we will withdraw the application for summons as soon as the payment is in our account. You can verify in My OK service that your payment has been correctly entered. If there is a problem, you can contact our customer service so that we can verify together that your payment has been received and that the application for summons can be withdrawn.

During voluntary collection, you have the chance to repay your debt without the threat of a bad credit record. If you do not repay your debt during voluntary collection despite a demand for payment, the case will enter legal collection. Legal collection means that we will file an application for summons and ask a district court to make a decision regarding your case, which will add legal fees to your debt. The district court will send you a service of summons.

Once you have received the service of summons, you still have 14 days to repay the debt in full. Otherwise, the district court will make a decision regarding the case. The district court’s decision will result in a bad credit record in your credit rating, which will make it harder for you to rent a dwelling, get a loan or even get a job. Potential consequences include distraint and garnishment.

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