Impostor scam phone calls have been made in OK Perintä’s name. We remind you that we never call from an unknown number. If you receive a suspicious call, you can check the matter in our online service,, or call our customer service: 030 10 5620. If you have paid the scammer or given out your personal details, report it to the police immediately.

Securitas Oy

Efficient collection process and enhanced customer experience

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“Reminder service has improved the payment of open invoices and thereby accelerated our cash flow.”

Mervi Pohto, Securitas Oy


Cooperation with the OK Perintä has been flawless, and we have never looked back. We have been assigned enthusiastic and professional contact personnel, who have been easy to work with. In addition, we have been very satisfied with the results of the collection service.

OK Perintä’s Reminder Service has improved the payment of open invoices and thereby accelerated our cash flow. After first carefully going through our process with OK Perintä, presenting our wishes and agreeing on the delivery of data and reports, the introduction of the service was simple. We receive information on the situation of customers quickly and conveniently via OK Perintä, and we also, to some extent, use their services for monitoring.

The improvement in the quality of collection services is also reflected in practice in our daily work, for example in a sharp decline in the number of telephone calls concerning invoices. We therefore save working time, not to mention the additional savings in printing and postal costs. And best of all, our customers have responded really positively; there has been simply no negative feedback at all.

Mervi Pohto, Securitas Oy