Making customers’ voices heard

At OK Perintä, we believe that people want to do the right thing. That obligates us to do the right thing by them.

We have established a customer advisory committee, which provides us with first-hand information about how we can improve customer satisfaction and help people more.

For us, helping debtors is the foundation on which all debt collection rests. OK Perintä challenges the sector to change and to communicate more openly on what debt collection is all about. We look for new solutions that make debt collection even better. The way debts are collected makes a difference.

In Finland, the customer has no choice over which debt collection company is used. Nevertheless, we aim to operate in such a way that customers would choose us if they could. This obligates us to listen to our customers and interact with them.

That is why we set up our own customer advisory committee. The members of the customer advisory committee are normal people with experience or expertise in debt collection. The customer advisory committee evaluates OK Perintä’s current operating practices and looks for new solutions for a more human- and customer-oriented approach to debt collection.

The customer advisory committee is also tasked with thinking about how we could provide the best support to debtors to help them recover from their debts and reduce the shame associated with indebtedness.

The members of the customer advisory committee are paid a meeting fee, and meetings are always attended by a representative of OK Perintä’s senior management.