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Credit rating services

Credit rating services enable your company to make informed decisions and avoid credit losses. We provide the tools for companies to analyse and monitor credit ratings and evaluate consumers’ solvency.

Reduce your risk of credit losses by evaluating and monitoring your customers’ solvency

OK Perintä’s credit rating services help companies to evaluate the financial standing and solvency of customers and partners. It helps your company make better decisions and avoid credit losses.

Credit rating services provide you with real-time insight into your customers’ late payments and defaults, and you can monitor the status of your selected companies regularly.


Corporate credit rating services

OK Perintä provides a diverse range of solutions for assessing a company’s financial standing and solvency:

  • One-off credit rating search (interface): you can quickly search for an individual company’s credit rating, for example, if you have a new customer
  • Monitoring a credit rating (interface): you can monitor changes in the credit ratings of your existing customers and use this information to direct additional sales and manage your receivables in the desired way
  • Credit rating reports (in the OK Online service): you can retrieve corporate credit rating reports from Suomen Asiakastieto directly in the OK Online service

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Consumer solvency

Credit rating services on private individuals allow you to use data about your customers’ payment behaviour in your credit-granting processes. The services enable responsible credit-granting – for example, you can use the data to calculate a customer’s payment capacity and verify that the information provided by the customer is true.

The service provides you with real-time data on your customers’ payment behaviour via OK Perintä’s interfaces. The availability of information is always based on the consumer’s consent.

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Interested? Get in touch!

Our experts can help you get the most out of OK Perintä’s products and services.

Interested? Get in touch!

Our experts can help you get the most out of OK Perintä’s products and services.

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