Bulletin: Posti is notifying of delivery delays 

Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT’s strike began on Wednesday, February 15 and is announced to end on February 21. In addition, The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU’s support measures began on Thursday, February 16. The goal of the support measures is to quicken AKT’s collective agreement negotiations in the trucking sector. The strike regarding road transport and PAU’s support measures are announced to end on February 21.

Posti is notifying that the AKT’s strike and PAU’s support measures will unfortunately cause delays and disturbances in deliveries for our customers. 

OK Perintä takes into account the delays

OK Perintä is lengthening the term of payment during the strike to avoid unjustified costs or consequences for the debtors. 

In the online service My OK you can easily check the due date of your invoices. If you have questions regarding an invoice, our customer service is happy to help.

We also continuously follow up the consequences the strike has on the distribution of letters and will provide with more information if necessary. It’s also possible to follow up the situation on Posti’s website

Update 22.2.2023

PAU’s support measures ended.

Posti has notified, that the letters sent during the strike will be delivered as soon as possible. However, there can in some case be delivery delays for over one week because of the high amount. The delivery of letters sent after the strike has ended will get back to normal within a week. 

OK Perintä is still taking possible delays into account in the terms of payment.

Best regards

OK Perintä