Frequently asked questions

Collection costs

Can I handle collection matters on another person’s behalf?

Yes, you can handle collection matters on behalf of a relative, for example, if you have written notification to do so, i.e. power of attorney, given by the person in question. 

The power of attorney can be drawn up in a free-form manner. It must contain, however 

  • sufficient information to identify the principal and the authorised person or persons: at least the names and personal identification numbers
  • information on what matters are covered by the authorisation
  • information on whether the authorised person may be provided with confidential information about the principal in order to manage matters (permission may be given, for example, to provide information on benefits and other financial status information)
  • the signature of the principal, name clarification and date

The power of attorney may be sent to OK Perintä by post or email. 

OK Perintä Oy
P.O. Box 442
FI-65101 Vaasa