Frequently asked questions

Collection costs

How quickly will my payment appear in OK Perintä? How do I confirm that I have paid?

We recommend that you pay via the My OK Online service, in which case your payment will be visible to us within a few minutes. If you make a payment on your own via online banking, we will be notified of the payment within 1–3 business days.

When a payment has been registered successfully, your outstanding balance is reduced accordingly in the My OK service. The repayments you make can be found in the debt information on the Payments tab.

If a payment you made via online banking does not appear in the My OK service within 3 working days, please contact our Customer Service team. In such a situation, please be prepared to supply us with precise payment information: payment account and reference number, date of payment, name of payer and archive number.

You can log in here to the My OK service, where you can pay your debt and check your balance.