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My debt has been transferred to enforcement. What should I do?

Collection companies do not carry out enforcement (ulosotto). When your debt has proceeded to enforcement, the case has been transferred to the enforcement authority for handling. The enforcement authority oversees both your and the creditor’s interests. The objective is for the debt to be settled at the earliest possible stage.

The enforcement authority first sends with regard to the debt a payment request, which provides an opportunity for the debt to be settled without seizure of income or property. It is also possible to negotiate a payment plan with the enforcement authority.

If the debt is not paid despite the payment request, then this may result in seizure of pay, pension or other income and property. The enforcement authority has the right to sell seized property.

If your debt has gone into enforcement, it is recommended that you contact directly the enforcement authority handling the case. Please check the contact information of the enforcement authority in your own area either from the notification of institution of enforcement proceedings that you have received or on the website of the National Enforcement Authority Finland.