Frequently asked questions

Collection costs

What does a suspension request mean?

A suspension of collection means that voluntary collection is discontinued in the case. If your debt is due for payment in full, you have the right to ask us to suspend collection. Suspension of collection does not mean that collection is discontinued, but that voluntary collection measures are suspended and the case is referred to the District Court.  

A suspension request must always be made in writing and you may send it us by post or email. After the suspension of collection, no additional voluntary collection costs will be incurred. A possible summons application, on the other hand, might give rise to additional costs if the District Court orders them to be paid. 

Your case will not necessarily be referred to the District Court immediately after a suspension request. If the creditor so wishes, we will not refer the case to the District Court at all. In that case, we may continue to contact you, reminding you about the debt.