Information about expiry of a debt

In practice, therefore, a debt does not expire if a reminder is sent every three years.


In most cases a debt does not expire in 3 years


Contrary to popular belief, in most cases a debt does not expire in 3 years. The expiry of a debt can be prevented by reminders, and a debt will expire in 3 years only in the event that a reminder letter about the debt has not be sent.  

If, on the other hand, there is a District Court judgment on a debt, it will not expire until 15 years from the date of the decision. If the creditor is a private individual or a criminal conviction is involved, the period of limitation is extended to 20 years.

With respect to public sector receivables, the debt expires in 5 years. These include, for example, receivables arising from services provided by local authorities, such as day care, dental care and health care.